Why Waste Management Is Extremely Important


Mother Earth has blessed us with abundance. Yet we misuse and cause harm to our environment. Garbage and solid waste is a common sight on our streets and is a major source of pollution and health hazards. Effective waste management and recycling is extremely important if we are to leave our planet in good shape.

Despite the ruling by the Supreme Court of India in 2000 on waste management, segregation and recycling, unfortunately, no program has been successfully implemented till date. According to ASSOCHAM statistics, in 2016, India produced over 93.5million tons of solid waste. This number is projected to increase if we don’t take action. Our landfills are overflowing with garbage resulting in greenhouse emissions and breeding disease-causing pests.


It is high time we take responsibility and ensure longer life of our planet (and us, as an inherent part of it).

Project Dhyan Dharti

Under the guidance of Yogi Ashwini, Dhyan Foundation Anand Vidyalaya students at Vasant Kunj branch have undertaken a pilot project, “Dhyan Dharti”.

In the first phase of the project, children have been taught to segregate garbage into 3 separate colour-coded bins – Green, Red and Blue. They have been explained the difference between biodegradables, non-biodegradables and recyclables and why it is important to dispose them off separately. These amazing children have been diligently segregating garbage at home and in their colony and also educating others to do the same.

The students have also been taught about composting, which they are doing with recyclable waste and are using their sampling pots as manure. Today they understand the nature of decomposition of all the various things that constitute garbage.

The next plan of action is to conduct an awareness drive within their localities so they can increase awareness, educate others and demonstrate the creation of manure through waste. The vision is to trickle this knowledge to every household so we can ensure clean, hygienic and disease-free living environment for humans and animals. After all, healthy living is step one to healthy thinking.

Did you know?

Recycling ONE aluminium can helps save enough energy to work a TV for nearly THREE hours.

Rima Anand

Rima Anand

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