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Dhyan Foundation, as Yogi Ashwini says, ‘is a thought; a thought to aid the Creation. Anyone who has that thought is a part of Dhyan Foundation’. It is with this in mind that Dhyan Foundation has started an initiative, Dhyan Foundation Animal Welfare Brigade. The initiative essentially reaches out to the youth, sensitizing them towards animals, their needs and challenges, and prompts them for action.

The thought is gradually setting into young minds… After a DFAB session in Kamla Nagar, about 15 students from Khalsa College filed a complaint at the Model Town police station against a dairy that leaves the cows on the roads during the day to fend for themselves.


As is the practice in Delhi and surrounding areas, the dairy owners to save cost and labour, leave their cows on the road to eat garbage and plastic from open waste dumps. The repercussions of this are multiple. The toxins from the plastics and waste that the cows eat leeches into their milk that is served to us as a ‘complete diet’. The health impact on our bodies is immense. The cows that are left on the roads, block traffic and often lead to road accidents threatening lives of humans as well as animals.

Milch Cattle Rules, 1987, clearly state that any person owning more than 5 cattle must be registered with the authorities & display its registration certificate on the premises. The owner must have adequate infrastructure to house the cattle, take care of their feeding, water and veterinarian needs and maintain a record of the sale. And so, any dairy not complying with the norms can be booked.

We are very proud of these students who very effectively implemented what they learnt to save many lives in the days to come. If you’d like us to organize a workshop in your college or institution, you may contact us at #9999567895.

TIW Bureau

TIW Bureau

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