Rediscovering Gayatri and Healing Mantras with Yogi Ashwini


Our scriptures speak of the Sanjeevani Vidya through which the dead could be brought back tolife. “Gayatri mantra and Mahamrityunjai mantra along with certain other mantras were a part of the Sanjeevani Vidya,” revealed the Living Master, Yogi

Ashwini at a special workshop on Gayatri and other healing mantras, organised by Dhyan Foundation at the ITC Rajputana on November 7th in Jaipur.


Insisting that the science of mantras has nothing to do with religion, the author of The Ageless Dimension, which has been accepted as a thesis on anti-ageing by leading doctors of the country, added, “Yog is a subject of energy. Every sound is energy and

by changing it even slightly, by an erroneous pronunciation or chant, the effect of that energy is completely changed. Gayatri is a coded form of energy, just like Om. Did you know that sun emits the sound of Om? And sun has no religion.” For those of us who did not know, Sheffield University, UK recorded the sound of sun and it was found to be in fact the sound of Om!

The workshop which took the participants through the pronunciation, crests & troughs and subtler aspects of Gayatri and other healing mantras from Sanatan Kriya, saw this modern yogi practically demonstrate the power of sound to the participants through his chants. While most participants reported having felt strong vibrations in their body, the obvious glow on each of their faces at the end of the one-and-a-half-hour session, was a live experience for even the onlookers of the power and efficacy of the practices. “Every cell in your body vibrates at a specific frequency of sound. By changing this frequency through specific chants and colours, you can change the way you look, your state of health, your glow, your energy…everything,” explained Yogi Ashwini to an awestruck audience.

On how to retain this glow and benefit from this science, the master answered, “right now you were given a basic experience of energy, but to be able to tap into its true

potential you must access it through yog under a Guru, for yog cannot be taught en masse.”

Yog is an individual relationship between the Guru and shishya and Guru is someone who can practically transfer the experience to you and does not charge you a fee,” reiterated Nandini Ghosh, a 60-yearold Sanatan Kriya practitioner, whose breathtaking display of strength and agility of the body at an asans demonstration at the event was enough to give complex to the fittest 20-year-olds sitting there.

Dhyan Foundation, which conducts yoga classes across the globe, has recently started a centre in Jaipur. The unique thing about this organisation is that it is run solely by volunteers and no fee is charged for any of its classes or workshops held world over. This, according to Yogi Ashwini, is essential as, “tying of yogic sciences to commerce or selling of mantras off the shelf renders them ineffective.” For more information on classes, #09999567895,

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