International day of yog


July 21, 2016: “Yog is about understanding the dynamics of Creation at the macro level and the elements which our body and the environment is made up of at the micro level. It is not about having a toned body by running around and jumping and skipping like monkeys, it is about choosing the way you want to look with an elevated state of consciousness and with mantra siddhis,” explained Yogi Ashwini as the world geared up for International Day of Yog. In times when acrobats and gymnasts are called Yog-gurus and the market is full of bizzare courses, Yogi Ashwini and his students at Dhyan Ashram conducted sessions worldwide to give the masses an experience of the real science of yog. “Yog is much more subtler and powerful than the gimmicks being sold-off the shelf these days. These gimmicks work in the short run, but in the longer run, they cause more harm than good to the body and the environment, giving a false impression that it is the physical which controls the ether and not vice versa,” explained Yogi Ashwini in an interview on Zee News.


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