Hyderabad’s tryst with Heaven and Hell


The city of Hyderabad was indeed blessed by the presence of Yoga Guru, Yogi Ashwini, who took the enthusiastic Hyderabadis through secrets to shaping the body into a desired form, self-healing as well as manifestation of thought through mantras. What followed the power packed workshop of two hours was an experience which changed the lives of all who attended…

Yogiji asked all of us to close our eyes. And what we all had to share after the ten-minute-kriya was hair raising, eye opening and breath-taking as well.


We were not told what we were being taken through, lest it serves as an autosuggestion. What was amazing was, that despite that, we all travelled to similar places…

Participants described visions of horrible places and situations – the descriptions matching the imagery of hells in the Shastras. They narrated having witnessed the trauma of the souls stuck there, and were shocked at the alarming number of souls that were stuck in those yonis. Apart from the disturbing images, each one had a similar experience of suffocation in that dimension, it was described as gross and heavy. The experience shook us from within, for, while we had heard of life after death, to see it face to face and to actually visit the hells, took it beyond theory to a practical reality which awaits us…unless we change the course of our life, from selfish to selfless.

Seeing the troubled and worrisome expression on all our faces, Yogiji asked us to close our eyes once again. This time when we opened our eyes, there was an air of lightness around, faces aglow. We were taken to the higher dimensions…which were absolutely light, leaving us feeling as if we were floating in bliss.

This visit by Yogiji was a dream come true for any spiritual aspirant as everything was practically experienced by the people themselves and there were no lectures or theory involved. The people of Hyderabad got to experience the power of Yog through the Guru Shishya Parampara that is practiced by Dhyan Foundation as it was done 5000 years back. ‘Spellbound’, ‘awestruck’, ‘in bliss’ is how some of the locals described their interaction with Yogiji.

Simrandeep Kaur

Simrandeep Kaur

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