Dogs get cozy in the winter


Winters are harsh and street animals have no place to go. No blankets to protect them and no protection against harsh winter rains. Many die on the street by freezing and many are crushed under vehicles, some get maimed for life.‎ A simple act of providing shelter to them can go a long way into keeping you to do your duty towards Creation. It will improve your karmas and give you a better life and the dual purpose of protecting the weak will also be fulfilled.

The young volunteers under the aegis of Dhyan Foundation have come out with a novel way to help the strays find shelter by involving communities to undertake building of small shelters in their localities. After identifying safe spots in the area, various shelters have come up in Delhi made of bricks, wood, cardboard, adorned warmly with rugs and newspapers to keep the dogs warm.


“Animals are an important part of the ecosystem; as citizens it is our responsibility to take care of those around us. I saw this initiative on social media shared by a friend and connected with Dhyan Foundation and they helped me build this in my area. With a little pocket money, I got these strays a place to stay warm.  It is nice to think beyond the self,” says Shiksha Sagar, Student, KR Mangalam School, Gurgaon

Dhyan Foundation gives an opportunity to animal lovers to ease winter woes of stray dogs by providing a place to stay in their familiar terrain and habitat. The initiative aims to also foster community spirit while taking the responsibility of taking care of animals in their areas. So far, volunteers have successfully built over 50 shelters across Delhi in areas of Dwarka, Lajpat Nagar, Pankha Road, Dera Gaon, Gurgaon, Model Town, Civil Lines, Delhi Cantonment, and continue to spread this movement.

All these volunteers hail from a similar ideology as they practice yog under Yogi Ashwini. “It is the dharma of humans to protect and provide for the weak—humans, animals, trees—in the vicinity. In realising this, one becomes ‘human’,” expresses Yogi Ashwini of Dhyan Foundation.

“Yogi Ashwini has been the Guiding Light in changing our thoughts from selfish to selfless. Till last winters, the howling dogs were nothing more than a nuisance in the area, but this year, I made an effort to provide them a safe place so they could keep warm,” says Sulabh Puri, Editor-Technology, Times of India.

Under Yogi Ashwini’s guidance the volunteers at Dhyan Foundation have spearheaded innumerable initiatives to help the poor, homeless, sick and injured. Under the Feed a Dog (FAD) initiative, stray dogs are fed, treated and sheltered at over 200 spots across the country every day and sterilisation and immunisation programs are undertaken regularly.

You too can help. Dhyan Foundation may support in construction of the dog shelters to ensure that the dogs live in perfect harmony with the people in the neighbourhood. To be a part, contact +91 9711151709 or visit

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