Dhyan Foundation gets ‘Legends of India’ Award by Bharat Nirman


The many exciting, fun and cause-supporting Diwali melas and exhibitions found Dhyan Foundation in full attendance in Delhi. Dhyan Foundation is an NGO that works diligently towards giving back to Creation through its many initiatives such as holding free Sanatan Kriya workshops, Feed a Dog, Save a Cow, teaching under-privileged kids, organising langars etc. These melas were a perfect way to celebrate the festival of lights and to raise awareness about the causes they support.

Mystique World Exhibition, a prestigious event that focuses on raising awareness on Predictive and Alternative Sciences, saw a busy and eventful Sunday morning on the 20th of October at the Hotel Royal Plaza.  From booths on vaastu, feng shui, astrology, palmistry, health and fitness to Ayurveda, yoga etc. everyone was present, including Dhyan Foundation which saw many footfalls and enquiries on Sanatan Kriya (which encapsulates the 8 limbs of Ashtang Yog as given by Sage Patanjali 4500 years ago).


At the Mystique Fair, a special award ceremony was also organised, where Bharat Nirman honoured, Dhyan Foundation’s guiding light, Yogi Ashwini with a ‘Legend of India’ award for his outstanding contribution to the field of spirituality.

Dhyan Foundation also participated at the Diwali Mela organized by People for Animals, where their Feed a Dog (FAD) programme generated a lot of interest; Akshay Pratishthan Mela at The Grand, Diwali Mela at Vasant Vihar Club and at the famous Blind School Relief Diwali Mela.

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TIW Bureau

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