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A substantial portion of what we are and what we become is what the ladies of the house put into us – as food, as values, as lifestyle habits and routines. Women are the backbone of a healthy society and when these women meet the one who is adept in the ancient sciences to health, beauty and glow, it is only natural to expect the perfect recipe to a healthy living, which is what came out of the recent interaction of FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) with Yogi Ashwini at the Saturday Club, Kolkata.

With topics ranging from the hazards and health risks of consuming the concoction of chemicals that is available as milk in the market these days, the encroachment of genetically modified vegetables in our homes and systems and the wide-scale adulteration of food products with unimaginable ingredients such as the cow bones in sugar, carcinogens in colas and caustic soda in milk, to the plethora of diseases we self-invite in our efforts to look young and beautiful such as mindless diet-control programmes – the fair was versatile.


A common view held by most of us is that the creams, lotions and shampoos we use, work to enhance our skin and hair. Yogi Ashwini revealed shocking data on the adverse effects of toxic compounds like SLS, SLES, talc, mineral oil etc. on our skin and body, which are common ingredients in most beauty products sold in the market these days. The yog-guru and author, who has compiled his twenty years of research on causes, process and methods to combat disease and ageing in ‘Sanatan Kriya, The Ageless Dimension’, presented the FICCI ladies with certain natural remedies, diets, beauty recipes, techniques and practices to stall ageing, from the book.

The discussion ended with the students of Yogi Ashwini demonstrating certain asanas for strengthening the spine and sculpting of the body. Yogi Ashwini however insisted that, ‘yoga is not about twisting or turning the body, it is garnering the strength of stillness within, with which one can access all the shaktis of the world, sitting right here.’

Sabina Rungta, chairperson of FLO, expressed her pleasure after an ‘extremely informative session’ of the members with Yogi Ashwini, β€œAll the FLO members went home happy and healthy. Thank you Yogiji for helping us make our lives better.”

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