A Night Of Shiv Darshan And Aawaahan


New Delhi, March 7th-8th 2016: Shivratri, the night of Shiv, the night of merger, the night of completeness, is incomplete in the absence of a Guru. And for those who have the fortune of Guru sanidhya, it is a night of manifestations and experiences that span various lokas and dimensions and in case of sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram, even various lifetimes.

The night of Falgun Chaturdashi, saw a congregation of sadhaks and shaktis at Dhyan Ashram, New Delhi. The rain gods took their cue from the shankhnaad, ushering rains and thunder as the yagya began, the spirit of the sadhaks only elevated with sudden change in the environment. Rains made their exit with shankhnaad of Yogi Ashwini, in what appeared to be a perfectly choreographed divine event, to mark the samapan of yagya. “In a yagya, there is a havi, that which is sacrificed and that sacrifice is of an aspect of self, not of others,” explained Yogi Ashwini. The night proceeded into powerful incantations by Yogiji, infusing the sadhaks with vibrations and energy experiences that defy logic.


The sadhna which spanned all night through till the break of dawn included demonstration of vedic martial arts, mantra sadhna and uccharan and past life visitation.


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