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Personal exoerience/miracle of yog

A Narrow Escape

When one is holding the hand of the Guru, nothing can go amiss. A few days back my wife and I were going for a havan at Dhyan Ashram. It was... Continue Reading

The Divine Light

It was a surprisingly pleasant day amidst days which were relatively warm. We were six of us, all clad in yellow and just like always we wer... Continue Reading

Divine Diagnosis

There are certain things that cannot be explained medically, not even by experienced doctors, something I have grown to realise in the last ... Continue Reading

Are You High Yet?

Having spent most of my late teens and early twenties as a highness-junkie, I can positively say that I left no cigarette brand un-puffed, n... Continue Reading

Negation Of The I

“Enshrine me in your heart and let one spirit dwell within us” Atharva veda As flashes of reminiscence strike me, I pen them as parables of ... Continue Reading

Death Can Wait

A month back, I got an emergency call from a relative informing that my aunt was critical. The lady at 87 years of age was a chronic dialysi... Continue Reading

A Narrow Escape

When you are in yog, miracles become occurrences of daily life. Something extraordinary happened with me a couple days back. I found a disea... Continue Reading

Then… And Now…

Let’s go back in time a 100 years…it’s the month of August, the time of the year when the fields are filled with children playing and dancin... Continue Reading

Time Travel

  On the day of Guru Purnima, my brother Shri Dalmia gave me a miraculous gift! He took me to Dhyan Ashram for a havan. The purity of c... Continue Reading