The Night Of Guru


July 30th 2015: The purnima of the month of Aashad holds special significance in the life of a spiritual aspirant, it is the night of Guru, the energy which carries us on the path of spiritual evolution. Sadhaks at Dhyan Ashram, from across the world, took this opportunity to pledge the task of their Guru and celebrated their good fortune with yagya, mantras, asanas, dhyan and miracles…in the sanidhya of Yogi Ashwini.

The blow of 40 conches, that’s how the celebrations began, signaling all negative entities (thoughts, people and even spirits) to watch out, for now begins the journey from darkness to light with the blessings of Guru. Even before the body normalized from the vibrations of the shankhnaad, set off the powerful incantation of Hanuman Chalisa, which left the mind and body not just detoxified but charged up and focused. Over two hundred sadhaks from across the world were in attendance for this auspicious event at Dhyan Ashram, Delhi. Others joined in through video conferencing. Each one had his/her unique experience to share on the energy of Guru.

The energy of the place knew no bounds. Its healing effect was felt even by a doctor…“I had been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for the last 3-4 months. That is, the heel is inflamed and I get a bad pain on the right heel such that I was unable to walk barefoot even at home. When we came to ashram for Guru Purnima, we were asked to take off our shoes, and I wondered how I would walk barefoot…I did not inform anyone of my condition and stepped in. I left it on Yogiji to take care after that…Lo and behold, the moment I stepped on the ashram sand, I didn’t feel any pain. My wife said it could be because the ground was soft. I wasn’t convinced. When I reached home, I realized the pain was less than 50%. Medically, there is no explanation…Plantar fasciitis can’t reduce like this. Thank you Yogiji.” Dr Prasan Prabhakar, MD and Proprietor, Laxmi Hospital, Kochi.

Yagyas with invocation of Mata Gayatri and Mahamrityunjai ji lent experiences to all present and asanas, which were performed for two hours without break, added to the heat and glow of the event. The spellbound and energized participants moved into the chant of Ram, as Yogi Ashwini graced the occasion with his presence. Speaking less and exuding more, He interacted with the sadhaks and guided them on their individual path of sadhna. All in all an unforgettable event which illuminated the path for many first time attendees and accelerated the journey of practitioners.


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