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Personal exoerience/miracle of yog

Death Can Wait

A month back, I got an emergency call from a relative informing that my aunt was critical. The lady at 87 years of age was a chronic dialysi... Continue Reading

A Narrow Escape

When you are in yog, miracles become occurrences of daily life. Something extraordinary happened with me a couple days back. I found a disea... Continue Reading

Then… And Now…

Let’s go back in time a 100 years…it’s the month of August, the time of the year when the fields are filled with children playing and dancin... Continue Reading

Time Travel

  On the day of Guru Purnima, my brother Shri Dalmia gave me a miraculous gift! He took me to Dhyan Ashram for a havan. The purity of c... Continue Reading

6/6 – A Miracle

Yog is a subject of your personal experience. Simrandeep Kaur, a practitioner of Sanatan Kriya from Mumbai, shares her recent experience of ... Continue Reading

Ancient Wisdom

Once Yogi ji was explaining to us about how as one moves up the ladder of evolution, he/she becomes responsible for all those below. The hig... Continue Reading

A Close Call

Architecture is a rough field, one has to deal with labour and contractors day-in-and-day-out. If you are not tough, you cannot survive, and... Continue Reading

Miracles Happen

A miracle is actually a fact of nature which is beyond the capacity of the normal mind to interpret. As you grow in Yoga, miracles become a ... Continue Reading

Black And White

Diwali is the darkest night of the year. The attraction of dark forces is at its peak and this is the reason why incidents of accidents incr... Continue Reading

Devine Experience

There are various indications that prove you are on the right path and should keep moving forward. The energies that run this creation exist... Continue Reading