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Personal exoerience/miracle of yog

Gulmohar Tales

The storm which hit Delhi on May 24th, was probably just another one before monsoons for everyone but not for me. I have to share this with ... Continue Reading

Cab on Call

Accessing your Guru means, you think of something and your Guru does it for you, says Yogi Ashwini. What you access him/her for is as per yo... Continue Reading


Science of yagyas, as given by the vedic masters is a phenomenal science which taps into the power of sounds, fragrances, the five elements ... Continue Reading

The Talking Tree

Once while Yogi Ashwini was in Europe, we had the good fortune to take a walk with him in a park. It was an unkempt park with very few visit... Continue Reading

Power of Yagya

I had heard and read many times about the power of chants and the magic of yagyas. Why?! Ravana through a yagya earned the nectar of immorta... Continue Reading

A Narrow Escape

When one is holding the hand of the Guru, nothing can go amiss. A few days back my wife and I were going for a havan at Dhyan Ashram. It was... Continue Reading

The Divine Light

It was a surprisingly pleasant day amidst days which were relatively warm. We were six of us, all clad in yellow and just like always we wer... Continue Reading