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Interesting facts about our culture, busting myths, basic tenets etc

Food For Thought

I belong to the fertile lands of Punjab. I still remember the green khets and khaliyans from my childhood days. Back then not one kisan woul... Continue Reading

Women In India

In the last issue of the TIW in ‘Straight from the Anahad’, Yogi Ashwiniji called a woman Shakti and compared her to a bomb wait... Continue Reading

Cows in Scriptures

Of the three heinous crimes enumerated in the Shaastras, Gau Hatya (cow slaughter) is one (Rigveda 7.56.17). The ones who think this to be o... Continue Reading

Reality Untouched

The rays from the setting September sun bounced off the shimmering surface of the water in iridescent splendour as I looked out over the hor... Continue Reading